House On The Hill (Improved Version!)

I sat looking at this painting, wondering what I could do to improve the “blandness” of it. Normally once I finish a project, I simply leave it alone because…..I am too scared to start faffing around with it, in case I *spoil* it. I do have a tendancy to overdo things, and put masses of detail in so it looks less boring(!)

Anyway, I took the plunge with this and added texture for the house and roof, painted the door and cleaned it up. (If only real houses could be transformed like this, haha!)


I also upped the saturation so it looked less washed out. I think it looks better now – what do you think?


New inkblot painting (experiment)


Hi everyone! This is a new inkblot painting (or transformation, if you prefer) from general ink blottiness, to new picture. I tried some background experimenting with this one, trying to get rid of the splatters and also brighten up the contrast a bit. I do quite like the way its turned out, although the idea of a posh lady drinking a cocktail up a tree is a bit bizarre, haha!


First Quilt Experiment! (stage 1)

Good morning!

Today I am attempting to sew my very first quilt, haha! I got some scrap fabric from a local shop – mostly samples that were no longer required. The fabric is a bit flowery for my taste, but, hey its just for practice, right?


I am sewing it on this – my mini sewing machine from John Lewis. Its years old and a bit clunky now, but it still powers on like a little soldier.


Ok so, I cut and sewed my rectangles until I came up with this – my first 9 block. Whee!


I finished up with this


I didn’t really like this combination, so I folded the 9 blocks in half and cut them up again. After faffing around with different ways for them to look, I came up with this – my first rearranged 9 block.


Now all I have to do is finish sewing the rest of them up, fix the seams and think of how on earth I will put a backing onto it! I’m not skilled enough yet to fight with batting and all those layers, so I think I’ll just put a backing on it and see how we go from there. I have spare fabric left to make a cushion to go with this, so I’m quite pleased. In fact, I’m quite pleased overall with how this is turning out for a first *big* project. (Knowing me, I’ll botch it all up at some point near the end, haha!)